Stepping stones - challenges children's motor skilss

Developing motor skills while having fun Use the colourful plastic stones to design fun games or exiting balancing courses in just few minutes - with either the flat or the round side turned down. The textured flat side keeps the stones in place.

Place the stepping stone on the flat side

The children jump from stone to stone and learn while playing to coordinate their movements and to judge distances.

Place the stepping stone on the round side

Now the children have to concentrate even more to successfully complete the balancing course. The children are challenged and simultaneously their motor skills and balance are developed.

- also they get fun exercise.

The special feature of our stepping stones

The dhplaystepping stones are lower than most similar stepping stones, which often have a height of 7 cm or more. Our stepping stones only have a height of 3 cm (the highest point). This way, it is easier for the children to keep balance on our stones resulting in a faster sense of achievement, which motivates the kids to play with our stones. The lower height is still very motor-supportive, and children find it challenging to balance on these. Also, the lower height increases safety by reducing the danger of children hurting their ankles if they fall off the stones.

Use them in schools, kindergarten, sports clubs, physiotherapy and at home

Our dhplaystepping stones are very suitable for small children, but also older kids can use them to train their motor skills and sense of balance. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. The stones are made of solid plastic and are very robust.



Solid plastic (polyethylene); weatherproof


Ø14.5cm / H3cm


Red, green, blue and yellow


Made in Denmark

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