Floating rings - Ø 80

Perfect for water slides & ‘crazy rivers’​​

DAN FLOAT rings from dhplay are produced in a very hard-wearing plastic material without any welded seams. They are, therefore, resistant to the tough wearing from usage in water slides or ‘crazy rivers‘.

Hence, using DAN FLOAT rings provide maximum security for the children.​

Fun and play in the pool​

DAN FLOAT rings are of course also very suitable to use for play or relaxation in the indoor/ outdoor pool - they are resistant to the rough play from children in the pool.​

Two sizes with and without handles​

DAN FLOAT rings are available in two sizes, so both children and adults can use them. In addition, the rings are produced with and without handles, The handles are embedded in the ring.



​Soft, hard-wearing vinyl

Material thickness:

3-5mm (no welded seams)

Dimensions (small ring):

Ø80cm / H23cm (Weight 3.8kg)

Dimensions (large ring):

Ø80cm / H23cm (Weight 3.8kg)


Blue, red and yellow


- made in Denmark -

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