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’dhplay by dan hill plast a/s‘ is our brand for high quality activity toys made of hard-wearing plastic. Our dhplay brand covers DAN FLOAT toys, PLAYGROUND toys, and PET toys.

DAN FLOAT from dhplay is our product line for play and fun in the water. Our DAN FLOAT products are exactly what you want for operators of indoor / outdoor pools and water parks. With our DAN FLOAT products they no longer have to waste time and money on repairing inflatable toys, because of bad welding seams and too thin a material. We have created the solution: High quality!

The quality is always at the centre of our attention. Our dhplay products are known for their stability and particularly long durability. This also ensures children‘s safety, which must be the highest priority.

dan hill plast a/s has more than 50 years experience in manufacturing rotational moulded products. All our products are produced by us in Denmark, exclusively with EU approved materials. This way, we ensure that our products always meet our high quality standard.

With dhplay products you get value for your money, which doubtlessly increases the level of satisfaction from your customers. You want high customer satisfaction - then our products are exactly what you want!

You are always welcome to contact us, if you need more information about our products or have any questions.

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