Mega ring & Superfloat cylinder​

The two hits in the pools

The DAN FLOAT mega ring and the DAN FLOAT superfloat cylinder from dhplay provide great fun as a toy for playing children in the pool. Both products can turn a pool into a water paradise.

Use these two DAN FLOAT products to float on, sit on, lie on, and perhaps to stand on, if you can achieve a balance.

Both inflatable toys are large enough to fit more children (and adults) at the same time, guaranteeing many enjoyable and entertaining hours of playing together.​

Lasting for years

​The mega ring and superfloat cylinder are produced in the same high quality as the DAN FLOAT floating rings, thus they can withstand rough play.

They simply last for years!

Even though our products are stable and long-lasting, the children should not play without adult supervision.

The DAN FLOAT superfloat cylinder is available in two sizes.​



​Soft, hard-wearing vinyl

Material thickness:

3-5mm (no welded seams)

Dimensions (mega ring):

Ø170cm / H45cm (Weight 16kg)

Dimensions (small cylinder):

L95cm / Ø27cm (Weight 3.4kg)

Dimensions (large cylinder):

L190cm / Ø27 cm (Weight 6.9kg)

Colour (mega ring):

Blue and yellow

Colour (Cylinder):

Blue, red and yellow


- made in Denmark -

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