The unique features of our DAN FLOAT products

1.The soft but extremely strong material

The material thickness of all our DAN FLOAT products is 3-5mm.

Most other inflatable toys on the market are only made with a material thickness of 0.3 - 0.5 mm. Thus, our products are a tenfold stronger!​

2.No sharp edges and no welded seams

All our products are moulded in one piece (without any welding). This is very untypical for inflatable items.

Thus, there are no sharp edges from welded seams to cause abrasions and above all no welded seams that can burst!​

3.The quality metal spring-valve

The high quality valve guarantees that the air stays inside, as intended.

Also you cannot hurt yourself on the valve, since it is lowered into our DAN FLOAT products.​

4.The great stability and long durability

Since our DAN FLOAT products are produced in one piece in a very strong material, the quality is unique compared to the ordinary thin and welded inflatable items on the market.

Our products are produced to last for years!

5.A value-for-money investment

Your customers will save money in the long run because of the particular long durability of our our products. Also they avoid spending time repairing welding seams. This generates high customer satisfaction!

Your customers should therefore never just look at the purchase price!​

Survey results

A survey conducted in 2010 among several large water parks in Germany* on our DAN FLOAT rings, let to the very positive result:

A high customer satisfaction - especially with the quality and very long durability of our products.

Our DAN FLOAT rings without handles last on average:

  • 1½ years by usage in water slides​
  • 3-5 years as a toy for playing in the indoor/outdoor pool

Furthermore, the survey revealed that the ordinary thin and welded floating rings only have a durability between a few weeks to a few months, when used in water slides!

But you probably already know of the poor quality of these ordinary rings, don’t you?!​

​How to replace a valve on the DHPLAY Products​

All DHPLAY products which are inflatable can have the valve replaced. Use a 3 mm Metal-screw to pull out the broken valve.​

​Our metal valve is replaceable. For example, if a valve due to incorrect inflation accidentally has been pushed inside the ring or the tub, Or if a valve has been broken, a new one can easily be installed and the ring/tub will be as good as new again.

  1. Remove the faulty valve: Screw a 3mm screw inside the center of the valve and pull it out with pliers.
  2. Install a new valve: Push (with the help of a small cross head screwdriver) the new valve into the same position as the old, then re-inflate the ring/tub.

If you still do have issues regarding the replacement of the valve please do not hesitate to contact us.

​What does our high quality mean for your customers’ wallet?

​- A calculation:

Durability by use in water slides​

18 months​

Average retail price per unit

84.30 €

Total price for 18 months

84.30 €

Ordinary thin and welded rings (Ø95cm)

Durability by use in water slides

approx. 4 months​

Average retail price per unit

24.30 €

Total price for 18 months

84.30 €

Savings per ring by purchase of 1 x DAN FLOAT ring

12.90 €

Savings per ring by purchase of 20 x DAN FLOAT ring

258.00 €

​Also your customers save time, frustrations and money, since they no longer have to repair the rings after just few weeks. 

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